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how to self-publish a book
There is an outright BOOM in self-publishing today. New technologies such as Print-on-Demand book publishing, e-Books, smartphone apps, podcasts and social networking now make it possible for nearly any writer to self publish a book successfully. Equally important, those who self-publish a book today can use new methods to reach readers more directly than ever before possible.

Get the latest edition of "" by Dan Poynter and Danny O. Snow for concise, step-by-step tips on how to write a book, design it, print it and promote it independently... at a fraction of the cost of vanity publishing. Learn how to prove the market for your book before risking money on a large printing; how to self-publish an e-Book edition for the wildly popular Kindle and iPad at ZERO cost; and how to sell directly to the public for up to FIVE TIMES more profit per sale.

Thousands of writers have already proven that it's possible to successfully self-publish a book with a remarkably small investment. Read this guide to learn how you can join us! A single inside tip from Poynter and Snow could save you many times the modest price.

Join a real revolution in the world of book publishing... a revolution that is already underway!
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